LUG Spat

Originally, this was going to be a bitchfest about how I got kicked off the SF-LUG mailing list. The day after that incident, it became clear that I hadn’t been kicked off the list, although I haven’t bothered to find out if I’m still allowed to post. The whole thing was brought about over one […]

First iPhone Post

I just set up the native WordPress app for iPhone and wanted to take it for a spin. This might be very useful for me, as I don’t have to wait for time to sit down with my laptop and remember what I wanted to write about. I’m still waiting with baited breath for mobile […]

Office 2k8 is teh Suck

Originally, I was planning on writing this screed lambasting teh suck that is Office 2008. Its not that I’ve changed my mind since the idea came to me, its just that I’ve had a week to calm down. In my line of work, which is of the scientific persuasion, we deal with lots of data. […]

v-moda death

Well, today marks the untimely end of my second pair of v-moda vibe duos, the nice (and nicely median-priced) iphone earbuds. The first pair suffered from some manufacturing defect that has since been corrected and were replaced under warranty without issue. I really have to comment v-moda’s customer service for being polite and professional. Unfortunately […]

Addendum to my Gadget Lust

Or: Why it pays to do some basic research before bitching about stuff. Yesterday I vented my feelings about how while I very much want an iPhone 3G, I won’t be getting one. The big reason basically boils down to the cost of the family plan. The Death Star lists their family plans starting at […]

Gadget Pain

Like many other early adopters, I find myself faced with a decision. The problem is, I shouldn’t. There should be no conflict or even a question. However, my reptile brain finds itself still lusting over a shiny new iPhone 3G. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my current cell phone (an original iPhone, natch), its […]