Ah, What Fun

So after yesterday’s post, I got a response, and its about what one would expect. Its kind of funny to look at the similarities between the new Mac user and the recently ex-Mac user. To the new Mac user, everyone who used a Mac (or Apple product of choice) before they did is a fanboy. […]

Comments and Trust

Some doughboy has a series going on how he is “freeing himself from Apple’s grip after being a fanboy for 15 years. Again, I could give a shit what kit someone else is using. As long as I don’t have to support you, go nuts. In fact, everyone should be familiar with the major computer […]

Steinberg Again

Steinberg on Apple’s lineup: Apple’s logic is that they aren’t going to build a product unless they can sell enough copies to make it profitable. So, yes, Apple will build what you want, but only if the “you” can be counted in tens or hundreds of thousands. Um, that’s true of every large company that […]

You Tell Me

I don’t know if its just me or not, but I think that this truck might just be a cylon is disguise…