no no no no…

[Apple Working on 4K ‘Ultra HD’ Television Set for Late 2013 or Early 2014 Launch?]( I was going to say no, but then I saw Digitimes in the second paragraph, so now I’m going to say *hell no!* There are rumors, but then there’s radioactive horseshit.


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You know its bad when John Welch and Daniel Dilger are not only in agreement about a topic, but stand out as voices of reason. I don’t know too much about Kevin Lynch, but it does seem as if he had a lot to do with Creative Cloud. I’m going to take this as a […]

Moving to Android

Now, I have no doubt that people switch from the iPhone to Android all the time, but seriously, how many of them are buying Xperias? That’s just sad.


The only thing that I think about when people talk about the magical Apple watch is “When the hell is my Pebble going to ship?”