[$CRIME] is More Important than Security

Now we have a second crypto-fascist state politician promoting themselves and their pet cause over everyone’s privacy and security. Unlike the NY State Senator, ASM Jim Cooper just came out and said “Human trafficking trumps privacy”. Well, if that’s the case, ASM Cooper, why not just introduce a bill to put a full surveillance suite […]

No More Smart Things, Please

This may just be me getting into the old man yells at cloud phase of my life, but if there’s one thing I don’t need in my house, it’s an internet-connected “smart fridge.” It’s bad enough that pretty much every every smart TV or IoT thing either has shit security or straight-up spies on you, now Samsung […]

New 15″ MacBook Pros at WWDC?

According to the rumor mill, that is. God, I hope not; I’ve been holding my breath for the Skylake 15s to land in early 2016, I really don’t want to keep hanging on to my 2011 MBP for that long. If that rumor’s true, and let’s face it, with Intel’s track records of late, it […]

Starting Over

Welp, I done fucked up. It was mostly when I changed my website password and apparently managed to not update the entry in 1Password. Dur. But then there was the minor detail that I hadn’t installed the fucker correctly in the first place and couldn’t complete a password reset. FML. (And no, I hadn’t done […]

Bot Sketches

I’ve been noodling with various bot designs in my spare time, for a personal project. Fun, almost cute little guy. Less cute, more of a level boss, methinks. Probably should add guns. Oh, and joints.

What the Macbook USB C Pearl-Clutches Forgot

USB-C is an open standard, so anyone can make USB-C accessories and cables, not just Apple. More than that, Monoprice’s $35 USB-C to HDMI adaptor makes Apple’s USB-C to USB-C, HDMI, and USB-A adaptor look pretty damn reasonable, doesn’t it?