[$CRIME] is More Important than Security

Now we have a second crypto-fascist state politician promoting themselves and their pet cause over everyone’s privacy and security. Unlike the NY State Senator, ASM Jim Cooper just came out and said “Human trafficking trumps privacy”.

Well, if that’s the case, ASM Cooper, why not just introduce a bill to put a full surveillance suite into every private residence in California? After all, most of the human trafficking busts that occur in California seem to be of brothels operating out of private residences. If human trafficking trumps privacy, that should be OK, right?

I’m not going to go into how you can’t outlaw math, or how the issue is more about security than privacy, or any of the other countless arguments in favor of strong, universal end to end encryption. At this point, there’s really only one way to get through to these asshole politicians, since they don’t seem to be responding to reason:

We just need to use Larry Lessig’s idea and kick the bums out. If every legislator who introduces a fascist bill like this gets primaried or actually loses their seat, they’ll think twice about making everyone less safe in the name of law enforcement.

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