Moderated Comment

I left a comment on this dumbass post which is stuck in moderation, probably because I used a horrific expletive (see if you can find it) and inferred that the author was dumb. I normally wouldn’t care, but since I took the time to write it, it should get posted somewhere:

This is just a bunch of magical thinking. How is a phone supposed to know when I’m driving? How is any phone supposed to differentiate between a driver and a passenger? Or riding in a car versus a bus? I’d be pretty pissed if my phone decided to stop working because it thought I was driving, even though I ride a train to work.

Texting while driving predated Apple by years, which itself was predated for decades by a whole laundry list of dumb shit people do in cars. Or, how’s this: Someone crashes into a schoolbus or a mall or whatever because they were to busy trying to figure out why their phone went into “safe driver mode” and then you just *know* the headlines will be “iPhone Kills Dozens!!”

This is human nature: dumb drivers, dumb writers.

I know this isn’t exactly a revelation, and a lot of other people made the same point, but texting [$DISTRACTION] is not Apple’s fault, its the fault of the asshole who cares more about whatever they’re doing than piloting a half-ton metal object traveling at speed. Besides, you know that whatever Apple tries to solve distracted driving would backfire anyway.