Starting Over

Welp, I done fucked up. It was mostly when I changed my website password and apparently managed to not update the entry in 1Password. Dur. But then there was the minor detail that I hadn’t installed the fucker correctly in the first place and couldn’t complete a password reset. FML. (And no, I hadn’t done any backups, because I’d get around to it at some point, right?  -_-)

Since in order to import a WordPress blog, you need the export XML file (which requires you to be able to log into the damn thing), I just just said fuck it and rebuild everything from scratch. Luckily, my Fever install has a separate database, so I didn’t have to rebuild my RSS feeds, which was really nice.

While it is annoying to lose all that has gone before, I don’t really care all that much and it is nice to be able to wipe the slate clean and start over. Hopefully with less stupid this time…

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