Steinberg Again

Steinberg on Apple’s lineup:

Apple’s logic is that they aren’t going to build a product unless they can sell enough copies to make it profitable.

So, yes, Apple will build what you want, but only if the “you” can be counted in tens or hundreds of thousands.

Um, that’s true of every large company that makes things for the mass market. That’s Apple, Sony, Crown Publishing, Toyota and so on. Unless you have the funds to make it so, no company will make something for you. They make the items that they make, in some amount of variation to attract a variety of customers. But true customization is expensive and rare.

There are things about my car that I don’t like, such as having to press the unlock button twice to open all the locks. That’s a really stupid idea, considering that my car is a coupe liftback. So that’s one press for the driver’s side, and two presses to add the passenger door and the trunk. But I accept that because I knew about it when I bought the car and its not worth the time and effort and money to change it.

Its the same with computers. If you want the perfect computer, build it yourself. There’s no other way. I remember the Apple of the 90’s and having to navigate Dell’s website to configure a box, and neither experience was a good one. If Apple doesn’t sell what you need, go buy a PC from someone else or do it yourself. But stop whining and good luck bringing that hackintosh in for service at the Apple Store.

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