New 15″ MacBook Pros at WWDC?

According to the rumor mill, that is. God, I hope not; I’ve been holding my breath for the Skylake 15s to land in early 2016, I really don’t want to keep hanging on to my 2011 MBP for that long. If that rumor’s true, and let’s face it, with Intel’s track records of late, it probably is, at least I’ll have a few more months to save my pennies. And since I’m writing this, I might as well jot down my wish list for this beast:

  • High-res option (probably 4K. If Apple could squeeze 5K in there, it’ll be a miracle)
  • Moar RAMs! I wants 32 or 64GB
  • Moar storage. Start at 1TB and go to 3
  • Real all-day battery
  • Lighter would be nice
  • High-end discrete graphics card
  • I’d love the MacBook color options; silver’s gotten a bit stale

I assume the thing will have Thunderbolt 3, and am ambivalent about keeping MagSafe. I’m one of those digital nomads who has a desktop setup at work and home and can set up a temporary desktop pretty much anywhere, so the idea of plugging in a single cable is tempting. Hope those Thunderbolt 3 docks come down in price a bit though.

Basically, I need a workhorse that will chew through Modo, Unreal, Xcode, and Steam without breaking a sweat.


Starting Over

Welp, I done fucked up. It was mostly when I changed my website password and apparently managed to not update the entry in 1Password. Dur. But then there was the minor detail that I hadn’t installed the fucker correctly in the first place and couldn’t complete a password reset. FML. (And no, I hadn’t done any backups, because I’d get around to it at some point, right?  -_-)

Since in order to import a WordPress blog, you need the export XML file (which requires you to be able to log into the damn thing), I just just said fuck it and rebuild everything from scratch. Luckily, my Fever install has a separate database, so I didn’t have to rebuild my RSS feeds, which was really nice.

While it is annoying to lose all that has gone before, I don’t really care all that much and it is nice to be able to wipe the slate clean and start over. Hopefully with less stupid this time…