Ship a Day – 1 Jan, 2017

I assigned myself a little challenge, to design a spaceship a day in January. I tend to take a lot of time to finish a design, mainly because I end up getting stuck on some detail and then never finishing. (I came up with my Bison redesign three years ago, and its still not done). So, with a hard limit of one day, I can at least get some thing down, call it done and move on. At the very least, I should end up with a few usable designs going forward.

Today, I have a generic anime-style warship, inspired by Yamato and Gundum.

2017 01 01 01

2017 01 01 02

2017 01 01 03

2017 01 01 04

If I have more time, I’ll try to make better renders! 😛

Star Trek’s 50th

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, but just never got around to it. Like a lot of nerds, I wasn’t sold on the shape of the Discovery, mainly because it seemed kind of lazy to me, and didn’t seem to fit into the ship design established by Enterprise.

I have to admit, part of that is because I’ve been working on my Bison redesign off and on for the last couple of years, but I really don’t like the nacelle design.

New Bison WIP 01

New Bison WIP 02

Perennially a WIP

However, I threw together a rough model based on what I could see of the Discovery in the teaser, and have to admit its growing on me. Assuming I got the shape right (and I left out a lot of details, mainly because my eyes were starting to hurt from squinting at my monitor for too long), this beast has a LOT of good angles. I might even pay for that CBS access to watch the show! I still don’t like those ramscoops, though…

Screen Shot 2016 09 12 at 1 24 40 AM
Screen Shot 2016 09 12 at 1 24 56 AM

[$CRIME] is More Important than Security

Now we have a second crypto-fascist state politician promoting themselves and their pet cause over everyone’s privacy and security. Unlike the NY State Senator, ASM Jim Cooper just came out and said “Human trafficking trumps privacy”.

Well, if that’s the case, ASM Cooper, why not just introduce a bill to put a full surveillance suite into every private residence in California? After all, most of the human trafficking busts that occur in California seem to be of brothels operating out of private residences. If human trafficking trumps privacy, that should be OK, right?

I’m not going to go into how you can’t outlaw math, or how the issue is more about security than privacy, or any of the other countless arguments in favor of strong, universal end to end encryption. At this point, there’s really only one way to get through to these asshole politicians, since they don’t seem to be responding to reason:

We just need to use Larry Lessig’s idea and kick the bums out. If every legislator who introduces a fascist bill like this gets primaried or actually loses their seat, they’ll think twice about making everyone less safe in the name of law enforcement.

No More Smart Things, Please

This may just be me getting into the old man yells at cloud phase of my life, but if there’s one thing I don’t need in my house, it’s an internet-connected “smart fridge.” It’s bad enough that pretty much every every smart TV or IoT thing either has shit security or straight-up spies on you, now Samsung apparently wants to know what and how often I eat.

The worst thing is, I’m pretty sure this is just the beginning. Every asshole megacorp in CES is probably going going to be pushing shit like this and then how long will it be until you can’t buy a new fridge or microwave or whatever without the thing wanting my wifi password? How long until they require my wifi password to work?

The worst thing is, its not even about the corporate spying, which leads to the government spying, its that I have absolutely zero faith these things will ship with decent security, and given these companies’ track records with supporting their phones, will bother offering security patches if when holes are found. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy my dumb appliances not spying on me.

New 15″ MacBook Pros at WWDC?

According to the rumor mill, that is. God, I hope not; I’ve been holding my breath for the Skylake 15s to land in early 2016, I really don’t want to keep hanging on to my 2011 MBP for that long. If that rumor’s true, and let’s face it, with Intel’s track records of late, it probably is, at least I’ll have a few more months to save my pennies. And since I’m writing this, I might as well jot down my wish list for this beast:

  • High-res option (probably 4K. If Apple could squeeze 5K in there, it’ll be a miracle)
  • Moar RAMs! I wants 32 or 64GB
  • Moar storage. Start at 1TB and go to 3
  • Real all-day battery
  • Lighter would be nice
  • High-end discrete graphics card
  • I’d love the MacBook color options; silver’s gotten a bit stale

I assume the thing will have Thunderbolt 3, and am ambivalent about keeping MagSafe. I’m one of those digital nomads who has a desktop setup at work and home and can set up a temporary desktop pretty much anywhere, so the idea of plugging in a single cable is tempting. Hope those Thunderbolt 3 docks come down in price a bit though.

Basically, I need a workhorse that will chew through Modo, Unreal, Xcode, and Steam without breaking a sweat.