iPhone personal stoopid

v-moda death

Well, today marks the untimely end of my second pair of v-moda vibe duos, the nice (and nicely median-priced) iphone earbuds. The first pair suffered from some manufacturing defect that has since been corrected and were replaced under warranty without issue. I really have to comment v-moda’s customer service for being polite and professional.

Unfortunately for me, this probably isn’t covered under the warranty:
Dead V-Modas

After work, I went to the Starbucks closest to my job for a nice cold lemonade to enjoy the nice day. Nice days are a rarity in summertime SF, so time MUST be taken to enjoy them. Anyway, I got my drink, and as I was walking to my table, my headphones caught against one of those stupid racks they have everywhere and managed to pull the right cable from the junction.

So I’m emailing v-moda support to see if they’ll cover that. Probably not, but its not as if emailing them can hurt!

That was fast! No, stupidly destroying your headphones is not covered under warranty. (Stupidity rarely is)


Gadget Pain

Like many other early adopters, I find myself faced with a decision. The problem is, I shouldn’t. There should be no conflict or even a question. However, my reptile brain finds itself still lusting over a shiny new iPhone 3G. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my current cell phone (an original iPhone, natch), its just that the new one is slightly better, and I do mean that. Just like all the rumors predicted, the 3G iPhone is last year’s phone + faster internet and GPS. My phone still gets all the nifty new software updates, and probably will for as long as the 3G gets its updates, since they have the same specs, excepting the radio. I had even decided, pre-WWDC that I was going to skip this update, since faster internet was not worth spending $400 to replace a $600-$100 phone that was a year old!

So what happened to make this an issue?


$199 is an impulse buy. A rare impulse buy, for sure, but that’s an amount of change that I would have no regrets over. So I had it all worked out. I figured that I’d just hand down the old’n busted iPhone to the SO, set up a family plan, get a MobileMe account, and everything would be awesome! But then the Death Star revealed their prices, including the family plans, which I found so unacceptable, I just dropped the whole thing. 

But the shiny new goodies, they beckon.

So, I’m going to hold out, for now. I managed to wait an entire three days before succumbing to the siren’s call last year. This year, I already have awesomeness in my pocket, while is a software update away from awesome x2, so I think I can contain my enthusiasm. I need to see about a cheaper family plan (since neither of us really use that many minutes anyway), and I’d really like a 32GB version. Yeah, that’s it. I’ll just tell myself that I’m waiting for that.


But its still $199……