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v-moda death

Well, today marks the untimely end of my second pair of v-moda vibe duos, the nice (and nicely median-priced) iphone earbuds. The first pair suffered from some manufacturing defect that has since been corrected and were replaced under warranty without issue. I really have to comment v-moda’s customer service for being polite and professional.

Unfortunately for me, this probably isn’t covered under the warranty:
Dead V-Modas

After work, I went to the Starbucks closest to my job for a nice cold lemonade to enjoy the nice day. Nice days are a rarity in summertime SF, so time MUST be taken to enjoy them. Anyway, I got my drink, and as I was walking to my table, my headphones caught against one of those stupid racks they have everywhere and managed to pull the right cable from the junction.

So I’m emailing v-moda support to see if they’ll cover that. Probably not, but its not as if emailing them can hurt!

That was fast! No, stupidly destroying your headphones is not covered under warranty. (Stupidity rarely is)